Michael Gadoua, J.D.


Michael, a certified mediator, inherently relies on his education, training, crisis interventionist, experience as a college instructor and academic program director. Prior to earning his law degree he worked as a public Self-Help Advisor for the Superior Court. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of parties reach collaborative win-win results. His experience includes helping co-workers resolve problematic issues that hinder productivity, morale, and team spirit. As a facilitator, he provides an objective judgment-free environment. His sessions are safe and secure, honoring affective filters, and opening sustainable lines of communication between the parties. For relationship issues that don’t require therapy, Michael’s unique method of “following Abraham’s Path” has proven highly effective with the more difficult and problematic issues.

Michael often teams with Susan to provide couples with a unique deux-perspective in family, divorce and relationship disputes.

Michael Gadoua specializes in:

Family and Domestic Issues
Neighbor Differences
Pet Owner Issues
Co-Worker Problems